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Contract Disputes in New Jersey

What is a contract dispute?

Contract disputes occur when any party to a contract faces a disagreement based on the terms or definitions within the agreement. For a contract to be considered valid, a "meeting of the minds" must take place. All parties will need to have a uniform knowledge and mutual agreement of each term within the contract. When there is not mutual agreement, the contract may be invalid. Speak with one of our New Jersey business lawyers for the effective and aggressive legal guidance you need through your contract dispute issue related to your business.

Common Types of Contract Disputes

Creating a contract can be a long process that includes multiple steps that must be fulfilled. Even though the parties to a contract agree to the terms, it is not uncommon for disputes to arise.

Some of the common types of disputes involve:

  • Issues with drafting / review
  • Offer and acceptance disagreement
  • Mistakes / errors with terms of contracts
  • Fraud and coercion

If your business is in the midst of a contract dispute, we advise you to assess the options you have for resolution. In many cases, legal remedies can be obtained that include monetary damage awards for the losses incurred. Equitable remedies can also be obtained, which involve the parties taking action to resolve the dispute.

Typically, the parties involved in the contract will be able to choose between legal or equitable remedies. Legal disputes involve many complex issues, and we can help you file a lawsuit regarding a contract dispute. We are skilled in contract negotiations and can use this knowledge to your advantage.

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