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Businesses Small & Large Can Encounter These 4 Common Lawsuits

From an international corporation headquartered on the world-famous Wall Street of New York to the mom-and-pop shop in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, no company is immune from legal troubles. When something goes wrong for a business, a lawsuit or business litigation is likely to follow. In order to handle matters as efficiently as possible, it helps to know what to expect and how to react to plaintiff claims.

If you are a business owner, executive, or manager, you should know about these four lawsuits commonly filed against business big and small:

  1. Employment discrimination: You would be hard-pressed to find a business that doesn’t have a single employee. Once someone is under your wing as a worker, you need to be aware of and strictly maintain a wide variety of employment laws. Most often, employees create lawsuits based on perceived discrimination in the workplace based on a protected class; employment discrimination lawsuits also include wrongful termination claims.
  2. Wage law violations: Everyone wants to collect each dollar they earn, whether paid by commission, hourly, or salary. Watch your accounts and finances closely to ensure you never short an employee what they have earned, or be prepared to get hit by a serious unpaid wages or overtime violation lawsuit.
  3. Breach of contract claims: No matter the size of your business, you use contracts to define acceptable practices, expectations, vendor relationships, and much more. Contract disputes can arise quickly when one party fails to uphold their end of the contract, does not understand what the contract requires, or attempts to dissolve a contract entirely. If your business uses unique intellectual property, be watchful for non-compete and nondisclosure contract violations that employees or partners may willingly or unwittingly commit.
  4. Partnership disputes: Leaning more towards companies and larger corporations than small businesses, partnership disputes represent one of the most troubling legal issues you can face as a business owner. Relationships with partner organizations might be the backbone of your own company, and losing them over a lawsuit can be absolutely devastating. Light steps and a solid legal foundation are required for any partnership dispute that requires business litigation.

Is your business struggling to manage a lawsuit filed against you? Do you need to create a lawsuit of your own after another party has harmed your company’s reputation or finances? Reardon Anderson, LLC and our Tinton Falls business attorneys can provide the legal assistance, guidance, or representation you need, backed by 45+ years of collective experience. Call 732.997.7749 today to request your initial consultation.


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